Death of a Know-it-all

Death of a Know-it-all


There are no more know-it-alls today; they’ve all died off.  There was simply TOO MUCH INFORMATION for them to absorb.  But it was not a violent death or a sudden tragedy.  Instead, it was a slow dilution as they were spread too thin.  Stretching to reach the extending boundaries of human knowledge, they found that knowledge was expanding too fast for their studying to keep up.

They were always one step behind.  There was a lag between their knowledge and the world’s, and the gap was growing exponentially.

These know-it-alls had once prided themselves on having all the answers but soon they found themselves doing something they found very uncomfortable.  They asked for help.

They were asking for help with phrases like, “could you sum that up for me?” or “just give me the big picture!”  Time was their limiting factor.  There was simply not enough time to learn the most advanced math or the minor details of every theory so that they could check facts for themselves.  The know-it-alls had to enlist the help of others.

They had chosen to sacrifice some of the most detailed knowledge in order to attempt to broaden their horizon.  They did this to hold on to their titles as know-it-alls, but it was also directly contradicting their most honored tenant.  Initially, they had taken pride in finding things out for themselves but now they were trusting in others.

They had faith.  Albeit in very reputable sources, they had faith nonetheless.  Which inevitably made them not know-it-alls anymore.



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