• Astronomy
    Stargazing Monkeys

      We are as specks on a cosmic fabric, a vapor in the celestial wind.  However, our...

  • Featured
    The Nature of Nature

      Science aims to reveal what the world really is.  Not what we think it should be or what we wish...

  • Astronomy
    Goodbye Blue Sky

      All men have looked up at the sky in wonder, but less have looked down from...

  • Technology
    DEEPS Discuss: Technology

    Our goal here at DEEPS is to inspire thought. To not simply provide information, but to ignite...

  • Featured
    What is Real?

    What can we not doubt? What can we be certain of? It seems all that we can...

  • Astronomy
    The Big Freeze

    Like most landmark discoveries, the history of our universe was stumbled upon by accident.  It seems most...

  • Physics
    Particle Physic’s Independence Day: July 4th 2012

      The opening of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland in 2008 was paired...

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