My Blind Faith

My Blind Faith
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This scientific method was written by quill pen through flickering candlelight just as man had transcribed for thousands of years.  Less than 400 years later, man walked on the moon… Never say that an idea cannot change the world, its the only thing that ever has.

But this thinking troubled the Church.  They were locked into their beliefs and any dissenting voice threatened their power.  And so, even though the Bible never mentions the Earth as the center of the universe or the planets as having circular orbits, the church leaders felt that their interpretation of the Bible was being challenged.  Because of this threat to their power, they arrested Galileo and Copernicus like they were spitting in God’s face.

Why? Because they had hired these men to prove them right, not force them to see the world differently or, even more troubling, the Bible differently.

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Nothing is more dangerous than absolute power with absolute certainty.  Doubt is healthy and admittance of ignorance is essential to progress.  All of history could have been changed for the better in that moment if the Church had the presence of mind to re-examine their interpretation of God’s word, which spends much more time speaking about how to live than about how the universe works.

But instead of searching for common ground and enlightenment, humanity did something very human; it waged war.  And from that moment on, the church and science have been at odds.

But the story doesn’t have to end there!

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