A Random Life

A Random Life

Life may just be an anomaly brought about by random chance.  From the primordial ooze we climbed through natural processes governed by unconscious arithmetic.  And so here we are.  A collection of biological machines staring into the abyss and straining to find some sign of purpose.

It makes one wonder.  If we did run into an alien species, would they chuckle at our desire for purpose?  Would they scoff at our need for belief?

Perhaps…but perhaps instead this deep seeded desire for meaning is just another biological adaptation that gives species motivation to improve their surroundings and proliferate.  If this is true, then the universe might be littered with species who long for purpose; a trait not passed down from a higher power but co-evolved across interstellar space.

Well, this would definitely be the opinion of nihilists like Leonard Krauss.  And many other respected scientists that proclaim the universe itself is reason enough to exist.  But the truth is that science becomes their belief and finding things out becomes their purpose.  Ironically, these men fall for the same biological trick that their religious ancestors have for centuries.

But who can blame them?  We are hard-wired for purpose and one soul is no match for millennia of evolutionary history.  Mankind is ablaze with a desire for utility and whether this is God’s will or simply the product of complex genetics; its seems that if we cease to be useful, we will cease to exist.




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